Stroller Snuggle Bags

Stroller Snuggle Bag
Have you ever taken your kids out on a walk on a brisk day? It can be nice to catch some fresh air in the months leading up spring or go on a crisp fall walk to look at the beautiful colors on all the trees. The only issue…the cold air and the fact that the kids aren’t moving around to keep themselves warm. I’ve tried piling a big cozy blanket on top of my kids, but guess what always happens??? That blanket always ends up falling off, getting ran over, and ends up covered in mud. YUCK!! Oh the joys of living in a town that has very few paved roads. At that point I have no choice but to put a dirty blanket back on my kids and head home. Walk ruined!! BOO.

I saw a solution on Pinterest several months ago. Of course when I clicked on the picture to go to the website it wasn’t a DIY tutorial, it was an item that was being sold in Europe. I thought to myself, I could totally make that. SO…I did. Now that I’ve done a few, I’m convinced they are too easy to be true.

Below are the instructions for how I made these cozy little bags. If you don’t know how to sew or don’t have the time to make one for yourself, let me know…I’d be happy to sew one for you. I’ll make them to order, so you can pick out your own fabric to please your little munchkin and fit their personality.


2-2 ½ yrds cozy fleece fabric

22” zipper

quilt batting

Matching thread

  1. Lay out your fabric (still folded in half). Measure a section of the fabric 40” wide. Cut straight across. Cut this big strip apart at the fold to create 2 sections for the inside and outside of the main section of your bag.
  2. Cut the pillow out of what’s left of the fabric. I made mine 10”x 16”, but you might like yours a little bit smaller.
  3. Then cut out sections of the batting that will fit inside the main section and your pillow.
  4. With right sides facing out place the batting in the middle.
  5. You’re going to sew up the pillow first. Turn in the ends and pin. Sew a 1/2” seam around the edge leaving the bottom edge open .
  6. Now comes the trickiest part of the whole project…the zipper. The reason this is so tricky is because the fabric is so fluffy and there are a lot of layers involved.
    1. Fold the big section in half. Measure and pin how long your zipper will go down the side.
    2. Sew a 3/4” basting stitch down the side. Separate the raw edges (they won’t press very well with an iron, so I didn’t even bother).
    3. Pin the zipper, right side down against the seam, making sure to pin ALL the layers in the proper place.
    4. Put your zipper foot on your machine and sew up the right side starting at the bottom, down the left.
    5. Rip the basting stitch out.
  7. Pin the rest of the side and bottom of the main section together and sew a ½” zig-zag stitch to seal it off. At this point I cut off some of the excess fabric to cut down on the bulk.
  8. Pin the pillow in by placing the edge you left open next to the zipper and folding in raw edges to make a clean seam. Continue folding in the raw edge of the rest of the top. Sew a straight ¼” top stitch around the top of the bag.
  9. Almost done…This next part will depend on your stroller. The straps need to be able to come through the back of your “stroller snuggle bag” for obvious safety purposes. Here’s what the dimensions were for mine:Stroller Snuggle Bags 2
    1. I measured 3” down from the bottom of the pillow, then 2” from the zipper. Here I made a 2” horizontal button hole. Then to make the other top hole, I measure 8” across and made another 2” button hole.
    2. Straight down I measured 13” and made another 2” button hole on each side.
    3. The last button hole was 4” wide and was measure diagonally 6” from the bottom button holes.


My kids love snuggling into these very cozy bags when we go on a cold weather walk! AND I feel better about getting them out into the fresh air so I can get exercise. They stay nice and cozy!! :)


**Hopefully these instructions make sense…I made these bags over a year ago and can’t find the pictures I took. :( I’ll try and get more pictures posted soon. Until then, leave a comment/question below if you need help.

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