Stand Mixer Mayo

mayo4I don’t remember how my life was without my stand mixer. About 70% of my posts involve the utilization of it. Check some of them out here.

In this house we love our mayo. We go through a pint of mayo about every week. Now, mayo is pretty cheap so its not too much of a stretch to our budget to buy the hytop brand at WINCO. Did you know that a primary ingredient in mayonaise is eggs. Do you honestly think that raw eggs have any kind of shelf life that extends to over 2-3 months? Thats after its opened…GROSS!!!!

mayo1The only draw back to homemade mayo is its short shelf life…oh no what will we do?! In my eyes short shelf life isn’t a bad thing. I make almost two pints of mayo every week or so and we have never had any go bad. Granted we eat alot of homemade fry sauce made with mayo… my kids love their homemade chicken strips. We also love to eat sandwiches made with fresh bread and fresh mayo…mmmm.

I have tried several other techniques for making mayo and all have fallen flat. Like the quick emersion blender way…never worked. Oil is expensive! I’ve made plenty of mayo and heres my fail proof, easy routine…

mayo23 Egg yolks (my moms chickens) put those whites to use in a face mask and grind the shells up for your garden and house plants.

2 tbs white vinegar (or one apple cider and one water)

1 tsp ground mustard or dijon

Light olive oil, vegetable oil or a mixture of Avacado oil, and other “light” tasting oil. I’m not going to guess and tell you how much oil probably more than two cups ( honestly, as much as it will take you to get to your desired consistency).  EVOO and coconut oils do not taste good in mayo. Just trust me.

white pepper (black pepper if your cheap like me)

lemon juice to taste

Salt to taste

Separate your egg yolks and whites. Put the yolks in the bottom of your mixer bowl. Add the vinegar water and mustard. Put on your whisk attatchment and crank your mixer up to at least a 9.

mayo3Slowly add your oil. I’m not talking to add it in drops but a drizzle is definatly a good way to start. So add a good drizzle down the inside of the bowl. Let it whip for a bit. Then add a drizzle more. Its going to take a bit for the emulsion to take place so don’t get frustrated and pour in a ton of oil. Add a drizzle and whisk (20 seconds). This isn’t a time consuming action but it does take a little patience. After you have done homemade mayo a while you will just drizzle until you get your consistency right. It goes pretty quick with a lot of practice and you will be hard pressed to remember why you ever bought mayo from the store…its just that easy.

I have never had two batches with the same consistancy. As long as it will spread on bread I don’t really care but technically speaking, your mayo should look like mayo.

If you go too far this is how you will save your mayo. I have never had to do this so you’ll have to excuse the link instead of a description from me :)


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