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Natural MommyBeing a Natural Mommy means a lot to us.Between the two of us, we have 5 kids and it is really important for us to give them the best in everything.  We have chosen to be as natural as possible in everything from birth to ensuring our children’s mental well-being is stable.  We take our jobs as natural mommies very seriously and strive to make good choices for our children (until they are old enough to make their own).  When it comes to children, every mommy knows what is best for their own child; we merely document what has worked for us and explain the reasoning for the choices we have made.  Our wee ones are happy and rambunctious … they are, by majority, toddler boys bookended by sweet girls.  They beat on each other and throw awesome tantrums. Kids will be kids! We only hope that through Natural practices we will give them a better future in becoming healthy, well-mannered, physically capable, mentally prepared adults. What mommy doesn’t want this for her children?
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