Let the blogging re-begin!

welcomebackSOOOO yeah… we’ve been pretty busy. :( I’m talking cRaZy busy. I haven’t even thought about drafting a post since May. That’s pretty sad and no way to be a successful blogger and I apologize for that to any of our loyal friends that read our blog.

Here’s what we have done in a nutshell….

We have been at the lake…pretty much all summer. We’ve been camping, swimming and boating our buns off. Teaching our kids how to swim and water ski and watching them tube. Jumping off the lime creek bridge and remembering some great lake experiences from when we were kids. We got to spend more time with friends this summer than we have since we started our families and that has been absolutely amazing.

In June we participated in the Sawtooth Relay, a great running experience that starts in Stanley and ends in Ketchum. This was a great achievement that we were able to share with our mom, aunt, friends and EACH OTHER. It has been a while since we pulled an all nighter and we forgot how funny we both were when we were so tired we could hardly keep our eyes open. Like…pee the pants funny. no lies.

In July we were able to join the rest of the ladies in our community and climb up the mountain for the Ladies Hike to Fourth Peak. We look forward to this every year! I cant even begin to explain how empowering this event is and we are both so proud to be a part of it. However, I did almost die on the way down. Luckily, I had Ginny right behind me to laugh as I tumbled, what I can only describe as, a billion feet down the hill (in reality it was like 6-8 feet)only to be saved by a giant bush. If your in our area PLEASE join us for the hike! Trekking up that hill has really brought many of us together, and in this tight knit community you wouldn’t think that was even possible. What a great opportunity to support and be supportive of the ladies in your community! <3 CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!swthrly3

In August I got to go to the Mountain Home Country Music Festival with our closest friends and what a great time it was. We got to go to the lake during the music lulls and have a great time without the kids for 3 whole days! SUPER WILD! I had forgotten what it was like to wake up at my own speed… I pretty much was confused in the lack of purpose and didn’t know what to do with myself half the time. The other half was a hoot! This Festival isn’t for the faint of heart though and sadly I wined about the dust and heat constantly. The music was amazing, Blake Shelton was hands down awesome, but it will take some serious consideration before going back next year. For a small town girl that has lived in a dirt road metropolis almost her entire life… the dust was gritty, choking and covered everything in a good two inches and I didn’t care much for it. We made some great memories though, and that made it all worth it!

So with all the fun, training for races and hikes, and accounting for the 4 days it took to clean the dirt and dust from the festival off we didn’t get much else done. Here’s what we didnt do…

festlakeBlog obviously. When your away from your computer you can’t really post to your website. We did work on the site however, as we were dealt a devastating blow from a company that we promote heavily on our site regarding “compliance”. If you have come to our site in search of essential oil help and found nothing, its because most of our posts weren’t compliant and we had to remove them. This was painful and just about broke my heart. Ginny is handling it far better than I am because shes got a solid resolve and rolls with the punches like nobodies business.  We never looked at the oils as a money venture for our blog, they were a part of a multifaceted face of our blog and we have had to let that go. We are both still able to help in anyway we can with any essential oil questions you may have but please get in touch with us through email at info@sisterspracticalmagic.com instead of posting comments to our site. We still love to talk about oils and our preferred provider and urge you all to keep in touch with us with any questions. We may even do a few posts about oils but they will be compliant and a lot more vague than our posts from the past.

This guy was past out at the fest before 4pm. Poor lamb.

This stranger man was passed out at the fest before 4pm. Poor lamb.

I had a good deal of starts, seeds, compost and plans for my garden but didn’t get to tilling up my dirt…so this summer I didn’t get any sort of harvest from my garden. I didn’t can anything and didn’t use a single apple or plum off of my trees. I did absolutely nothing to put away food for the winter and that is going to cost me some money. I’m very depressed about it.

Right off the bat one of our hives took a dive this spring. We bought nucs this year with the hope that we would have two hives. About two weeks after installing, one of the hives absconded. That’s a fancy way of saying “peace out holmes” in bee speak. So they left us. Super depressing. The other hive has been also lack luster. Usually my backyard is full of the hum from the hives. This summer, not so much. I would go out and watch the entrance for ten minutes at a stretch and the activity was pretty sad. I decided to just leave them alone and see what would happen. They never did build up population and I’m definitely not hopeful going into the winter. God speed my little ladies, I’m just hoping for a miracle.

My husband loaded, cut and stacked all the firewood alone this summer, and I’m feeling pretty low in the “wife and partner” department. We are a family that survives by being as self sufficient as possible, that is a choice that Alex and I have made together and so far I haven’t held up my end of the bargain. Tomorrow is another day! Without the winter stores I’m going to be working my tail off and I’m hoping with all that work I’ll forgive myself for my summer off.

SO! Our blogging resumes as of TODAY! I hope everybody is as excited as we are to start seeing posts to Sisters Practical Magic again.

Pssst…we have plans for another giveaway! If you have read this whole long winded post about nothing particular…your already a leg up on the competition!


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