Keeping the CURL!

chrissycurlDespite the promptings of mother nature to have short hair, my hair is very long and reaches past my butt when it’s straight. The reason I say “mother nature wishes for me to have short hair” is because it is pretty fine and (not gonna lie) kinda thin. When its straightened, my hair tends to run pretty trashy after about an hour of regular wear. I’m talking “rolling around up in a hay loft during a barn dance” trashy…if ya know what I’m saying (wink wink). So generally I wear my curly “big sexy” hair look whenever I feel like getting spruced up.

Apparently I didn’t get the memo but… hot rollers aren’t cool? I have been using hot rollers FOREVER. Why in the world would you curl with a curling iron? They are so hard on your hair and take a really long time. I like to put in my hot rollers first and then put on my makeup and get dressed. However, this often means wearing my hot rollers on emergency runs to the store… and just the other day to the DMV. Since everybody round here knows me, there is rarely too much of a shock factor. Since, I don’t own a curling iron I feel justified in having the nice hot rollers so if you are looking for a good set get these… I would cry without them.

Here we go with my curl routine.

screetchI always ALWAYS wash my hair. I’m a grease monkey so if I don’t I’ll be sporting the messy bun. I use a small amount of thermal heat protecter, and brush it to distribute the product. Then I blow dry my hair upside down, sans the brush. If I brush while I blow, my hair likes to stay straight. When my hair is fully dry I brush it out.

And this is where it gets good and the reason of this long winded post.

You know how people say that dirty hair styles better… totally true. I cant do this though (member? grease monkey). I found this super awesome idea on my most favorite beauty blog How cute is she? Super fun and knows her stuff. Plus I like that she uses easy, cost effective and sometimes homemade beauty products… my kinda gal!

In a spray bottle combine
1tbs Sugar
1tbs Salt
1 cup warm water. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE

Spray it on your hair. Don’t get crazy. Spray a little on, then brush. I like to spray until just before my hair is moist (no it doesn’t make sense to me either). I am usually too impatient to wait so I blow dry on the cool setting. I brush again. If I cant run a brush through my hair? That means I went too far with the spray and to get my toosh back in the shower. If all goes well this is when I back comb if I’m channeling Texas, and I always am… despite never actually being there. From here I’m putting in those rollers. After they are all in I get out my hairspray and give a good spray wherever I have part lines.

On goes the war paint. It takes me a considerable amount of time to put my makeup on… because I am considerably ugly-45 minutes to an hour (yes its true). I don’t get out alot (like once every two months) so when I do, I really revel in the process of turning back into “Chrissy” as apposed to messy bun and sweatpants “Mommy”.

Mommy. How does my husband get any sleep at night with this troll next to him?

Mommy. How does my husband get any sleep at night with this troll next to him?

I get dressed. This is always fun with a head full of rollers. In hindsight I always wish I had remembered to wear a button down shirt or a least some kind of spaghetti strap tank… everything else might as well be a turtle neck.

The hair comes out of the rollers just about the time my husband fires up the truck to leave my “slow @$$”. Those are his words not mine. I hairspray and give the “bend over and flip” up of the neck. One more spray and a few hand crunches. Good to go just as the truck shifts into reverse.

I’m not going to say that after a good three hours of church, hanging, chatting, dancing… riding the mechanical bull (you don’t know where life will take you!) your hair is going to look just as good as when you left the house. The spray really helps hold your curl. At least it does mine! Go check out the rest of Cara’s blog if anything else. Find the post for the spray here. This stuff is awesome, but let me tell you what…don’t think that you can just keep reusing the same batch. Make it fresh every time otherwise you will have a seriously nasty mess on your hands. The good thing is that it doesn’t break the bank to wash it down the drain.


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