Joyful and Bright Apron

jbapronOn an informant trip to the North Pole, I decided that I would join my boys on the Naughty List and swiped this apron right off the ample bosom of Mrs. Clause. She has graciously dropped all charges on the condition that I give it (and all of its cookie making magic) away this Christmas.

This flirty apron could possibly be the reason that the Kringles have been able to keep the spark in their marriage for several centuries. It comes with plenty of sassy ruffles, fun prints, a cute corresponding poinsettia accent and even glitter! There are extra long tie strings to create the perfect big bow and accentuate the backside view…because this baby is definitely a head turner!

Its joyful…its definitely bright… it could be yours!

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Chrissy and Ginny

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4 Responses to Joyful and Bright Apron

  1. Cheryl Rost says:

    So much talent ~ do you two think about opening a shop?

    • Sisterspracticalmagic says:

      We have kicked the idea around but haven’t really put in any leg work to see if we actually could make it work. My guess is we will revisit the idea after all our kids are in school 😉

  2. Jennie Ramey says:

    This is the cutest ever!

  3. Ali Stolzman says:

    I want this apron!!!

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