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salsafixnWe were raised on home cooked meals. Our mom and grandma instilled value of good kitchen magic in us long ago. Through them our love for cooking and baking has really flourished and the benefits of cooking with whole (or real food) guides us in creating good food. Some of the Home Recipes we offer have been in our family for generations. The other recipes come from a drive to be creative in the kitchen; which we inherited from our grandpa, who was a culinary artist of home grown foods. Between grandpa and grandma we have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Eating naturally is very important to us, and most our recipes reflect our ideas. We are the wives of hunters in Idaho, and venison is a main food group in our family. We love our gardens and local farmer’s markets. However, we are not perfect when it comes to eating home grown. Sometimes we use canned corn or slip and binge on Doritos… its true! We stop for a burger when we are on the run too! LIFE HAPPENS! BUT most of the time we cook what we shoot, raise, or pick. When we shop we try to buy organic whenever possible.
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