*Herb and EO Journal*

When we started the blog we were brand new to essential oils. We knew there was a lot of people who were just like us, so we decided to each write an Herb and EO Journal about our trial and error venture. What better way to help others learn from our successes (and failures) than to share our findings in a blog. We hope that those of you who are interested in using herbs (for medicinal purposes) and essential oils, or have already started to build your collection can benefit from our journals. In our experience the world of essential oils is limitless and to say that we know everything about using oils, would be doing their amazingness a great disservice. We are not doctors, herbalists, or aromatherapy experts to say the least. Take what you read here at face value – it’s an adventure for us.  For those of you who have wonderful success stories we love to hear them so please share them with us.  We also value your suggestions, so please feel free to comment on our posts or any of our social media platforms.
Combined Journal
Chrissy’s Journal
Essential Oils
Ginny’s Journal



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