DIY Diaper Wipes and Solution

diaper wipesUsing cloth diapers was a choice Chrissy and I both made to cut back some of the expenses in our houses. We bought our diapers here. Up front it cost a pretty penny, but the amount we saved in the long run was well worth it. We stock piled different sizes of diapers while we were pregnant with our oldest boys. And the best part was…we were both able to reuse the diapers we bought for our next child.

While we were stockpiling diapers, Chrissy devised a great way to save even more money…by making our own diaper wipes! It was cheap, easy, and effective.

All you need is 1 yard of flannel fabric and a sewing machine. Oh…scissors and coordinating thread might help too! 😉 We chose to use flannel because it’s really soft and is very absorbent.

Spread the fabric out, keeping it folded in half. You’ll keep the front and back pieces together when you go to sew. Cut out the desired size you would like. We did 3” x 4” because they fit pretty well in an old diaper wipe dispensers. Cut out as many sets as the yard will allow, keeping the two pieces together.

Head to the sewing machine and stitch around the outside of each pair with a zig-zag stich. I didn’t even need to pin mine. They don’t have to be super pretty, your baby won’t mind. 😉 Pile them into a container. AND you’re done!!

At this point you have to decide: do you want to leave them dry and moisten them only as you need them or do you want to make a solution to pour over them? I’ve done both and find that my babies were less likely to get a diaper rash if I make some kind of wipe solution to kill any bacteria that might try and hang out after I’ve cleaned up all the poopy. Here’s the recipe I came up with for my favorite wipe solution:

Chamomile Diaper Wipe Solution:

2 cups hot water
1/3 cup dried chamomile flowers or a couple of chamomile tea bags
6 drops Melaleuca essential oil
¾ cup raw uncut apple cider vinegar
a pinch of Epsom salt

Steep the flowers/tea bags in the hot water for about 5 minutes (then filter out the flowers)

Mix the remaining ingredients in to the chamomile water (Epsom salt will help to keep the oil and water from separating)

Pour the solution over your wipes.

At this point you’ll need to check to make sure all of the wipes got saturated… I kinda squish my wipes down to squeeze a bit of the solution down farther into the stack of wipes. If there are still a few wipes that didn’t get much of the moisture, add a little bit more water to spread the solution throughout all the wipes.

Another diaper wipe solution I’ve tried and found to be pretty effective is to use ½ cup of witch hazel mixed with 3 cups of hot water. Poor over homemade diaper wipes.

AND their ready to use…As you finish changing a diaper, just keep the wipe inside the dirty diaper and wash them together. Easy peasy!!

Don’t use cloth diapers or cloth wipes??? NO PROBLEM!!

Cut a paper towel roll to fill and empty wipes dispenser and pour the wipe solution over that. Pull out the card board center and draw the paper towels up through the center and push into the lid of the wipes dispenser. I use this method when we travel. We buy a small pack of disposable diapers to use for convenience and take our homemade wipes with us. My daughter has a very sensitive bum and I couldn’t use the store bought wipes on her or she would breaks out in a rash..

Making your own wipes is a safe, natural, not to mention SUPER cheap way to clean your baby’s sweet lil tooshie! We hardly ever had a problem with diaper rash when using the chamomile wipes solution. Of course I also make a rash ointment to use on the rare occasion that my little Bug did get a rash. I’ll post the recipe for that next week. :)


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