Cozy Christmas Morning Lounge Pants

loungepants1If your like me, your wardrobe consists of 75% sweatpants (included in this category: PJ’s, yoga pants, lounge pants, fleece pants, and leggings). I like to be comfortable and since most of my day is spent covered in flour, snot, tears and lord knows what else, my pants skip the fancy and tend to lean towards frumpy…of which I am the queen.

On the days I wanna look less frumpy but still feel frumpy, I have a stash of what I consider my “fancy pants.” Its rare that I fork out the dough for fancy pants so sometimes I sew my own. Want some?

One pair of these super cozy lounge pants will be made for the lucky winner of our Cozy Christmas Giveaway. They will be tailored to fit whoever wins on December 19th, the day we announce our winner. Unfortunately, these will not be one of a kind for I will be keeping this pair pictured. No one could rip these from me!

The particulars:

Adorable chevron flannel outer

Smooth and stretchy knit t-shirt lining

Red Satin trimmings

Your choice of elastic or drawstring waistband

Extra wide legs

If your wondering why theses are labeled “lounge” pants it is because they are easily the heaviest pants I own. If you sleep in a snowsuit then these may be the PJs for you. Ok… maybe they aren’t THAT heavy, but I would seriously consider my preferred sleeping temp before chancing it. They.are.just.that.COZY.

Obviously, we want the winner to be completely satisfied with the prizes… you worked hard for those points. These pants will have the option to be customizable. For instance, mine are lowrise, yours don’t have to be. Don’t like the wide legs because you hook your big toe in the opposing legs…which causes you to turf it repeatedly in front of your kids (who don’t know that it is rude to laugh)?!? It happens to me all the time! We can taper those legs like I should do with every pair of pants I own. We can leave out the knit lining and they can be pajamas instead of lounge pants. The only thing that can’t be changed is the chevron fabric.

If your wanting to look cute before coffee on Christmas morning, maybe let your husband take the pictures this year, these are the pants for you. For the original post and all other information about the Cozy Christmas Giveaway, please click here.

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  1. Amy says:

    Cute, cute, cute!

  2. Michelle Moore says:

    They look so warm & cozy. :)

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