*About Us*

We are two sisters that were born and raised in a small Idaho town with a passion aboutsparkfor living naturally. The greatest thing about us is our love of being surrounded by family.  So we grow what we can, shoot what we must, and buy what we can’t live without. Sharing with each other has always been second nature, so compiling our success stories into a blog is something we are really excited about.
Being surrounded by nature makes it really easy to understand the beauty of using earth-grown ingredients, as well as recognizing the importance of being environmentally conscientious. Eventually, we hope we can give back as much as we took during our pre-self sustaining life style. Our goal for this blog is spark enthusiasm in our readers and encourage them to give back as well.

About Chrissy

Ginny and I are part of a family that goes back seven generations to our area. I am blessed with amazing parents who taught me the importance of family. I have a sweet seven year old daughter as well as three and four year old sons that excel at keeping me on my toes, mostly while naked. I have a great husband who works hard so that I can stay home with my kids during the day… he also likes to be naked but its (by far) less socially acceptable.

I am 3 measly math credits away from my BFA (photography emphasis) at Boise State University … GO BRONCOS! Eventually, when my life settles down I’ll get those credits and my degree. Right now all the naked takes up too much of my time. I love to write and hate to clean. Cooking is something I have to do and since I HAVE TO I might as well do a good job. I like to keep it simple but I wont sacrifice the health of my kids so I try to keep it as “close to home” or organic as possible. I won’t claim to be perfect at this but I do my best. That being said… The “Dorito” is my favorite food group.

I raise bees in my back yard, a lemon tree in my living room, and dust bunnies under my couch. I like to jog and love my dogs. I like to put all that knowledge and time I spent in college to use in my home, my kids and whatever else I may be creating for.  I have an amazing best friend and sister who lets me watch her kids while she teaches amazing young minds. Since her two little angels run thick as thieves with my kids, I have the pleasure of cuddling them whenever I want but not having to worry about paying for college. My life couldn’t get any better.

About Ginny

I’m a dedicated wife and mommy. My amazing husband and I have two children, a three year old boy and a one year old girl. As much as I would love to be at home with my children year round, I have to work. Luckily I have a job that allows me to be around for holidays and three months in the summer.Teaching has been one of my passions for over a decade now, and I’ve enjoyed my job immensely. I have my Masters of Education and take pride in what I do. However, since I had my beautiful children, I’ve been torn between the two worlds that I love. One that involves more time with my children and the other that involves a career that I worked very hard to get. Without a trustworthy person, whom my children know and love (Aunt Chrissy), to watch them during the day, I would never have been able to handle going back to work.  My family loves to be in the outdoors. We hunt, fish, hike, ski, camp, and go for bike rides. My husband and I are excited for the kids to be a bit older, so we can do more of these activities as a family. Much of our meat we get from my husband’s parents (who are Idaho ranchers) or by hunting it ourselves. In the summer we enjoy the bounty of fresh veggies from gardens of family members. I hope to one day have a big enough yard to have an enormous garden. For now I make due with my little herb garden. Luckily we have generous family members who share the bounty of their gardens with us.       I didn’t realize the importance of natural, self sustained living until after my kids were born. I wanted only the best, of the best going into them. Little did I know how hard this was going to be. With all the processed foods and sugary treats out there, I have my work cut out for me to ensure my children are eating as healthy as possible. We do our best, but there are times when those easy to grab and make meals come in pretty handy. My goal and hope as a mommy, with the help of my husband (in the hunting/gathering department), is to have healthy, well-rounded children that understand the importance of taking care of the world around us. The more I can teach them about how to provide and   take care of themselves, the more comfortable I will be when they go off to fend for themselves. Their health, physical and emotional, is very important to me.

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