Cozy Christmas Giveaway draws to a close.

basket1Here it is the final product of the Cozy Christmas Giveaway. All of our goodies that you’ve seen previously will be packed into this cute red basket. We trimmed the basket in the same chevron fabric we used for the cozy lounge pants and added some fun little snowflakes we cut out of some fun sheet metal, painted with glitter and added some extra bling. These would make cute ornaments if you wanted to take them off of the basket. The entire basket in its entirety would be a great addition to any Christmas decor in your home or as a gift to friends or family.

Just a reminder… here’s what will be in the Cozy Christmas Giveaway basket:

5ml Bottle of doTERRA’s Holiday Joy

Cozy Christmas Morning Lounge pants

A pint of our families special Tom and Jerry mix

A diffuser necklace

Double Dark Marshmallows (not pictured because I ate all the ones I made for the post last week…yes they were just that good)

Cozy Infinity Scarf and Matching fingerless gloves.

basket2Tomorrow is the day we will announce our winner so today is the day to get those points all squared away. Look for the announcement tomorrow morning!

For more information about the Cozy Christmas Giveaway click here.

For a detailed description of each item please click here.

We are so excited! This giveaway has been so much fun and we cant thank everybody who has participated enough!

Chrissy and Ginny

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Cozy Scarf and Fingerless Gloves

scarf and fingerless glovesHere they are…the last items for our Cozy Christmas Giveaway. This scarf and set of fingerless gloves will be a great addition to your Christmas adventures. Whether it be caroling or just heading to the mailbox, this wooly set will keep you warm and cozy.

The scarf is an infinity scarf that has beautiful, sparkily red yarn…trimmed with a marbley gray. It’s going to be hard to see this one go! While I was hard at work crocheting it, I even looked at my hubby at one point and said, “I love this yarn! I don’t know if I want to give it away.” BUT I decided I would just have to get some more and make one for myself. ;)

The fingerless gloves are the first pair I’ve ever made. It took some trial and error, but I figured them out and I think they’re adorable. Almost as adorable as that sweet little kitty in my hands. That’s Lucy! She’s the newest addition to Chrissy’s family…isn’t she just the cutest thing??

I had a great time making this set and hope whoever wins enjoys them…They will be extra cozy on a cold winter’s day!

For more information about the giveaway and how to earn points to win click here.

For a description of all the items in the giveaway click here.



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Cozy in the dark marshmallows

mallowsIf you have been looking for a different type of Christmas candy this would be it! These dark chocolate covered marshmallows are made with a dark and dreamy Irish stout (….mmmmm) and topped wth crushed pretzels for an added salty crunch. While normal marshmallows are made from corn or cane syrup, these will be made from honey.

As with anything in our giveaway, the winner will have the choice to omit something they would rather do without. If you are hesitant to try beer marshmallows, we will gladly leave it out. However, even with the most heavily flavored beers, these marshmallows only give a hint of taste…a background flavor if you will ;) The beer really adds a special something here so I strongly suggest leaving it in. . Also, while cooking this candy reaches over 250 degrees (just shy of the hardball stage) so all traces of alcohol will be gone.

I make these for our family holidays from time to time and they are never around for long. They are a huge hit with the adults and the kids.

For all info about the Cozy Christmas Giveaway please click here.

To see all the other items in the giveaway please click here.

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Smellin Cozy

laynnanecklaceLets just get this out of the way…how adorable is my niece?! Too adorable!
If you can take your eyes away from the ultimate in cute, notice the little necklace I have adorned her with. That, my friends, is the fourth offering in the Sisters Practical Magic Cozy Christmas Giveaway!
This is a diffuser necklace for all of your personal aroma therapy needs. I sculpted it with natural terra cotta and also allowed it to air dry instead of firing it. When applying your intended essential oil to the necklace you can choose to go with one oil or you can mix it up and even apply a different scent to each bead. I seasoned all three beads with Wild Orange and my living room has smelt amazing ever since…cause I keep the necklace there (just a little fyi). You can put on a little Serenity or Citrus Bliss…the possibilities are endless here!
Obviously, this isn’t a necklace you would wear to the Governors mansion for the Christmas Gala, but I think its cute enough if your looking to church up your look on a lazy Saturday. Regardless, your going to smell amazing while your wearing it.
For all other info on the Cozy Christmas Giveaway click here.
To see all the other items in the giveaway click here.

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Cozy Cup of Christmas

Tom and Jerry Mix

This enticing holiday drink has been a tradition in our family for as long as we can remember. It’s known as “Uncle Kenny’s Tom and Jerry Mix.” Uncle Kenny is our grandfather’s younger brother, and I do have to say…He nailed it!

Just the right amount of sweet and creamy come together with holiday spices that will tickle your taste buds.  We like to add a bit of rum or whiskey to ours (must be the Irish in us), but it still tastes amazing if you keep it virgin.

The AWESOME thing about Uncle Kenny’s recipe is that it makes enough for the whole family…and then some! The batch I made for this post was enough to (almost) fill a quart jar. If win the giveaway, you should have enough to share with family and friends over the Christmas holiday. Even if you don’t drink all of it, throw it in the freezer and you can bring it back out whenever you need a “Cup of Christmas” to bring back your Christmas spirit.

For more information about the giveaway and how to rake in some points click here.

If you’d like to see what else we have in our giveaway click here.

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Cozy Christmas Morning Lounge Pants

loungepants1If your like me, your wardrobe consists of 75% sweatpants (included in this category: PJ’s, yoga pants, lounge pants, fleece pants, and leggings). I like to be comfortable and since most of my day is spent covered in flour, snot, tears and lord knows what else, my pants skip the fancy and tend to lean towards frumpy…of which I am the queen.

On the days I wanna look less frumpy but still feel frumpy, I have a stash of what I consider my “fancy pants.” Its rare that I fork out the dough for fancy pants so sometimes I sew my own. Want some?

One pair of these super cozy lounge pants will be made for the lucky winner of our Cozy Christmas Giveaway. They will be tailored to fit whoever wins on December 19th, the day we announce our winner. Unfortunately, these will not be one of a kind for I will be keeping this pair pictured. No one could rip these from me!

The particulars:

Adorable chevron flannel outer

Smooth and stretchy knit t-shirt lining

Red Satin trimmings

Your choice of elastic or drawstring waistband

Extra wide legs

If your wondering why theses are labeled “lounge” pants it is because they are easily the heaviest pants I own. If you sleep in a snowsuit then these may be the PJs for you. Ok… maybe they aren’t THAT heavy, but I would seriously consider my preferred sleeping temp before chancing it. They.are.just.that.COZY.

Obviously, we want the winner to be completely satisfied with the prizes… you worked hard for those points. These pants will have the option to be customizable. For instance, mine are lowrise, yours don’t have to be. Don’t like the wide legs because you hook your big toe in the opposing legs…which causes you to turf it repeatedly in front of your kids (who don’t know that it is rude to laugh)?!? It happens to me all the time! We can taper those legs like I should do with every pair of pants I own. We can leave out the knit lining and they can be pajamas instead of lounge pants. The only thing that can’t be changed is the chevron fabric.

If your wanting to look cute before coffee on Christmas morning, maybe let your husband take the pictures this year, these are the pants for you. For the original post and all other information about the Cozy Christmas Giveaway, please click here.

Click here for other items in the giveaway.

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Cozy Aroma: doTERRA’s Holiday Blend

Holiday Joy

For me, nothing is more “cozy” than the warm smells of Christmas spreading through the house. This blend of oils is the perfect combination of holiday smells. Siberian and Douglas Fir, Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Cassia, Nutmeg, Clove, and Vanilla Bean Extract come together to create an aroma that brings back memories from your childhood.

As with all essential oils, this blend is packed with oils that will benefit the whole family. In our house, we like to diffuse this oil throughout the day in December (maybe some in November…OK a lot in November) to make the house smell like Christmas.

Here are some other things doTERRA’s Holiday Blend can do for you:

  1. Help to boost your immune system
  2. Disinfect the air
  3. Energize and invigorate the body
  4. Uplift your mood

What more could you ask for? This blend has it all as far as I’m concerned…I can’t get enough of it!! Sometimes I even stand in front of my diffuser and just breath it in. ;) SOOO good…

We are giving away a 5mL bottle of this delectable blend in our COZY CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY. Please click the link for more details on how you can get entered to win this oil blend and several other “cozy” prizes. A winner will be picked on December 19th. Keep your eye out for me peaks at what will be in our giveaway. Chrissy has something exciting to share with you on Friday.


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Cozy Christmas Giveaway!

christmasgiveawayThe holiday season is finally here! This is our favorite time of year and in the spirit of Christmas, Sisters Practical Magic will be doing our very first Cozy Christmas Giveaway! We are going to be giving a basket full of what we consider “Christmas essentials” to one of our amazing blog followers.
In the basket there will be:

A cozy infinity scarf and matching fingerless gloves
Christmas Morning lounge pants
One pint of Tom and Jerry mix.
A five ml bottle of doTERRA’s Holiday Joy.
A diffuser necklace.
Homemade chocolate covered marshmallows.

Look for a more detailed description of all these wonderful prizes on the Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays leading up to the day we announce our winner!

How do you win this great prize?

Points will be awarded for anybody who:

Likes our Facebook page
Follows us on Pinterest
Joins our Circle on Google+
Follows us on Twitter
imageSubscribe to our website with your email account. In the box that looks like this———->
enter your email and hit the”subscribe” button. This will sign you up for all our posts to be delivered directly into your email inbox.

We will also be giving points for all “shares” on facebook and anyone who “pins” an official pin on pinterest, these are the pins with our watermark. There will be a board labeled “Sisters Contest Pins” (click here for a direct link to that board) under our account for easy access and open for anybody who would like to earn extra points.

On December 19th we will tally all the points and either deliver or ship the basket to the lucky winner.

Contest begins with this post.


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Mountain-to-Mountain, Sky-to-the-Ground


I have two of the most AMAZING women in my life! Women I admire and look up to, love and cherish with my whole heart. I feel compelled during this time of thanksgiving to show and tell these ladies how much they have meant to me over the past 31 years.

Both had a hand in looking out for and raising me to be the woman I am today. We’ve had our trials and tribulations, but it always made our relationships even stronger than before.

Mom…I want to thank you for being such a solid rock in my life. Your unconditional love and support have gotten me through so many hard times I can’t even count them. From holding my hand in the doctor’s office, to letting me sleep in your room after I had a nightmare (even when I was in high school), I have never doubted the depth of your love for me.

I know that being a single mommy of two growing girls was hard. Even though you only had to do it for a few years, I hope you to know that you rocked it!! I don’t know a lot of women who could have done as fine a job as you did raising Chrissy and I. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you made for us. You’re such an amazing woman!

Chrissy…I want to thank you for being the best sister a girl could ever ask for. I know it wasn’t very cool to hang out with your younger sister in junior high and high school, but you were always there for me regardless. I always felt safe when you were around (especially during any rare, random fist fights that may or may not break out in a bar). ;)

I never had a doubt in my mind that you had my back. Even when we’ve had a barn burner, I always knew in the back of my mind that you were right and I was wrong or reactive. I know you were only trying to keep me straight. I’m sorry I wasn’t more appreciative during these times. You’ve always been one to see things in the bigger picture when I have had tunnel vision.

I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend. A person I can be myself with and tell anything to. Thank you for who you are.

I love you both and want you to know that I can’t imagine my life without you! We’ve had a great life together. Both of you are the foundation that has help me build a solid life of happiness and contentment. Mountain to mountain, sky to the ground…I love you both!!!


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Lemon All-Purpose Cleaner

allpurpcleanerIt wasn’t so long ago that a glimpse under our kitchen sink would reveal a menagerie of cleaners….different cleaners for every room and surface of my house. There was also a small fortune invested in those many bottles. A fortune in cleaners that had to be protected like the gates of Fort Knox. God has blessed me with three oral sensory CrAzY children. Have you ever seen a child covered inside and out with Comet? I have. As nice as the poison control people are I vowed to never speak to them again. My search for a drinkable cleaner began. I discovered an orange peel and vinegar blend on pinterest and gave it a try. It worked really well but it smelled like vinegar (so odd). The vinegar eventually dissipated, leaving a slight orange smell.

I was pretty disappointed so I decided to exchange the oranges for lemons (my favorite fruit btw go check out my ebook “Life and Lemons“). After waiting patiently, my new all purpose cleaner wiped out my whole house, including all that POISON under my sink. My favorite thing about making my own cleaners is that I throw away 100% less plastic bottles. I reuse my cute green one that I bought for a dollar… SWEET! That means less waste in landfills that never…ever…breaks down. So when the earth is overcome with garbage, I will sit atop my pile knowing I had done my part. I also love that this concoction uses the rind, something that usually goescleaner1 right into the trash after it is parted with the good stuff. The vinegar I used was from Costco and cost just fewer than 4 dollars for 2 gallons. A pound of lemons is generally three dollars, so if you only use the lemon peels (don’t waste the awesome stuff! Check out all the cool things I do with lemons) that’s 3 dollars worth of lemons and .50 cents for a quart of vinegar. For me, each quart makes two spray bottles worth. That’s $1.25 for an entire bottle of cleaner…that works on everything! Plus my kids could have a tea party with it. SUPER SWEET!


℘Items needed

A glass quart Mason Jar

At least a quart of white distilled vinegar.

About 5 lemons worth of peels.

A spray bottle

Optional : Lemon Essential Oil and Epsom Salt

Slice open your lemon. Juice that baby and reserve the juice for cooking or use it in some Lovely Lavender Toner. Peel away the fruit or get really scientific and say guts. Use this to make some Lemon Pulp Honey Face Mask. Cut your lemon peels into thin strips and stack them up so they reach the top of the jar. Don’t cram or you wont have a whole lot of room for vinegar. Pour the vinegar over the lemon peels and fill ‘er up! Tightly close the lid and mark the date on the lid. Wait two long weeks and shake every day.

After the two weeks is up remove the peels.  Since I’m a miser I squeeze the peels of all their cleaning goodness (totally optional). Fill the spray bottle half way with the solution and the rest of the way with water. Add 2 or 3 drops of lemon essential oil and a pinch of Epsom salt. These steps are optional because the cleaner works fine without them they just bring an added boost. The Epson salt is used to keep the oil blended with the vinegar so if you don’t have any, a good shake before use, will do just fine. There you go!! CLEAN STUFF!lemonflowr

UPDATE: I can blow through a quart of this stuff in a day…yeah I have boys. Waiting two weeks for a quart of cleaner is just silly so I started to make mine in a 2-3 gallon bucket. I also reused my lemon peals until they were no longer yellow. Then I put them around my garden to deter pooping kitty cats.


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